Blends and desserts in line with your tastes.

Small and great masterpieces of taste to savour in every season and festivities. The products offered by IL BUON GUSTO ITALIANO® are distinguished by fragrance, softness and flavour. A single taste can make you relive your childhood and the authenticity of ancient savours. This is the secret of the sweet specialties produced by the companies of the network.

Panettoni, Pandori, cakes and focaccia, donuts and plum cakes.

Every recipe shares simplicity and genuineness.

The values of the family, the passion for tradition and constant innovations have always characterized the soul of these products.

Currently there are dedicated lines to the new needs of the market: organic, vegan and gluten-free products that combine genuineness, control and goodness.

When it comes to dessert, you cannot overlook the important tradition of Italian ice cream.

Ice creams and sorbets with a fresh and good taste

Much more than ice cream: the products of the network represent the best of Italian ice cream art.

How to best enjoy sweet products without a good coffee? The Network promotes the best blends of intense and unique fragrances. 

The pasta producers of the network

"Since 1980, frozen sweet and savoury respecting the family tradition: selection of raw materials, attention in the production processes and customer care are the basis of the company values”.
Since 1932 products characterized by simplicity, taste and sharing of corporate values. Industrial methods for products with an artisan flavor.

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