Rich in taste and suitable for any occasion

Rich, fresh and creamy. The best of the production of high-quality semi-finished vegetables, ready to be tasted on the table. Each step of the production chain is carefully treated to serve genuine products. The secret lies in key values: experience, tradition and innovation. Freshness is an essential element in order to offer good and healthy products, always guaranteed through production processes based on the short chain. To ensure this result it is necessary to know how to cultivate and carefully choose the best vegetables. Sowing, cultivating, collecting, preparing and packaging are important steps to make a difference. Technological investments to apply advanced solutions are not enough. The human factor is not replaceable. For this reason, alongside the use of cutting-edge technologies, the companies that are part of the network rely on the best professionals, skilled in both the technological and culinary fields. The love for agriculture is rooted and combined with passion in every gesture and every choice, with the utmost respect for the final consumer and the territory.

The pasta producers of the network

Naturello is a leading company in the production of semi-finished vegetables, pesto, sauces and soups for the Retail, Industry and Private Label markets. The roots lie with the experience of the Buratti family.