A unique taste.

The Defendi Cheese Factory makes its cheeses that way: just plain great – no need to say anything else, putting all the experience of its 150 years in. In this long journey of quality, passion and tradition the work of the cheese makers has become mastery, an art to teach and passdown. Pietro Defendi, a milkman by profession, began to prepare the first "formaggelle" in 1865 using the milk of his own farm.Today the company is run by the fourth generation of the family that carries on all the wisdom acquired and passed down from father to son.

Today Defendi is a modern and technological company, but the treasure that it preserves and carries on is made of commitment and enthusiasm, simple but essential ingredients that allow to achieve excellence in the production of typical Lombard cheeses. For Defendi, work is not just about making cheese, but respecting all the values ​​that the founder laid as a basis to build the company, more than a century ago.

All Defendi cheeses are a harmony of flavors produced with wisdom and desire to innovate. The dairy factory is located in Caravaggio, in the heart of Lombardy, territory of excellence of Italian gastronomy. The new plant transforms up to 150,000 liters of milk a day into high quality PDO cheeses. The flavors of Defendi cheeses must not only be of quality: they must be able to excite. The journey begins with the collection of exclusively Italian milk that comes only from selected and certified stalls, and continues through attentive and controlled processing processes. 


Caseificio Defendi product lines

Sweet, seasoned, spicy: the best of the tradition of Lombard cheeses.

The range of products made using buffalo and mixed milk.

A range of products made with Italian milk from certified agriculture.

A range of product designed for lactose intolerant and vegetarians.


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